Hormone Replacement Therapy and Men’s Health

What You Need to Know About Denver Testosterone Therapy Programs

Testosterone Therapy Specialists Denver ColoradoWhile doctors have always known that women experience hormone decline around midlife, it’s only been in the past few decades that male hormone decline has been widely recognized and accepted. As a man living in the modern age, you probably work long hours, have high stress levels, don’t get enough sleep, and don’t have the opportunity to eat a balanced meal very often. All of these factors affect the endocrine system, which is responsible for manufacturing hormones and releasing them into the bloodstream. These factors, along with normal aging, can cause hormone decline and imbalance. Denver Male Hormone Doctors can help.

Hormones regulate several functions in the body, including:

  • Sleep cycles
  • Mood regulation
  • Sexual and reproductive functioning
  • Memory and concentration
  • Metabolism and weight

When one or more of your body’s hormones become unbalanced, you can experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms. Unfortunately, many men put off seeking treatment because they don’t understand that hormone decline is causing most of their symptoms. Male Hormone Doctors in Denver listed in this directory offer natural relief with Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy. Your doctor customizes your treatment plan to address your specific symptoms and to balance your deficient hormones.

Stress and the Adrenal Glands

Your adrenal glands produce cortisol in order to help you cope with stress and to have the energy you need to get through each day. When the stress is unrelenting, it’s impossible for your adrenal glands to manufacture cortisol fast enough. Combined with other factors like lack of exercise, poor diet, and insufficient sleep, stress can cause you to feel chronically fatigued. Over time, you can develop a condition called adrenal fatigue where your adrenal glands function at less than optimal levels.

When your adrenal glands can’t produce cortisol at adequate levels, you can experience aches and pains, insomnia, mood swings, and frequently feel unmotivated and tired. By working with a Denver Hormone Doctor, you can pinpoint the causes of your stress and make an effort to reduce them. You can also receive replacement hormones to help your adrenal glands function normally again.

The Cortisol to Testosterone Ratio

Unbalanced levels of cortisol have a direct effect on your body’s ability to produce testosterone. When cortisol is too low, your body may automatically try to convert testosterone into cortisol to maintain hormonal balance. This causes a suppression of testosterone, which can cause your body to become less efficient at metabolizing the food you eat. You may gain weight around the abdomen and develop a pot-bellied appearance that is common in middle-aged men due to testosterone suppression.

This imbalance can threaten your health in other ways as well. Having too little testosterone in relation to cortisol can increase LDL, which is your bad cholesterol, and decrease HDL, which is your good cholesterol. It’s also possible to develop insulin resistance, which is a major warning sign for Type II Diabetes. Yet another major health risk associated with too much cortisol and not enough testosterone is hardening of the arteries or heart disease. Male Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver brings these hormones into balance to help you feel better and reduce your risk of serious health complications.

Natural Replacement Hormones and Andropause

Andropause, which typically starts in the mid 40s and continues into the 50s, is the medical term for male hormone decline. Unlike adrenal fatigue and testosterone imbalance that can happen at any age, andropause is more closely associated with aging. The main hormone to undergo change at this time is testosterone. Some of the symptoms associated with andropause include:

  • Loss of body hair
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low sex drive
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety, depression, and/or irritability
  • High blood pressure

Denver Male Hormone Doctors first determine which hormones are out of balance and then create a customized treatment plan using Hormone Replacement Therapy. You will regain your confidence as a man in addition to improving your overall well-being by working with a Bioidentical Hormone Doctor in Denver.

Contact a Denver Colorado Male Hormone Replacement specialist found on the Denver BHRT Locator® today to learn more about the amazing possibilities of male hormone optimization and to find out if a Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy may be right for you .

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