Donna Grandi Nikander, DNP

Donna Grandi Nikander, DNP

4450 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, Colorado 80303

Donna Grandi Nikander, DNP – Boulder CO Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Boulder CO Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Donna Grandi Nikander, DNP, has over 30 years of medical experience as an Integrative Functional Medicine practitioner. She believes in a mind-body-spirit approach to healing that recognizes the interconnected nature of your body and mind. Using Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to help the men and women of the Boulder County area to reduce the symptoms of aging and rebalance their hormone levels, Dr. Nikander has seen the transformative power of her customized wellness treatment plans. She will spend time listening to your medical history and looking at the totality of what may be influencing your hormonal balance and long-term health. Doctors that practice Integrative Functional medicine are trained to assess the underlying cause of disease instead of only treating one symptom at a time, as in acute care medicine. Dr. Nikander focuses on caring for each patient as a unique individual and believes that every patient is endowed with the wisdom and strength that helps them live their very best lives. Donna Nikander, DNP offers telemedicine appointments and accepts insurance.

Additional Services Offered by Dr. Donna Nikander

  • Botanical Therapy
  • Integrative Physical and Mental Health and Wellness Evaluation
  • Integrative Psychology
  • Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Counseling
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Transpersonal Psychiatric and Psychological Counseling

Patient Testimonials

“After seeing literally a dozen physicians and spending a lot of money chasing alternative treatments, I was still low functioning due to complicated health issues. I took a chance with Donna six months ago, and it paid off because I’m feeling good and enjoying life again!”

“My life has been greatly enhanced by seven years with Donna Nikander as my primary health care provider. Her high level of compassion and awareness is combined with outstanding abilities in conventional medicine, alternative approaches, intuitive skills and her ability to balance not only physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual elements in all phases of my care and treatment. Donna listens carefully, always offers a myriad of solutions and includes my input as we select the best approaches to any given situation. Above all, Donna knows and respects me as a unique individual, not as a number, a subject or a symptom. She is simply a great blessing in my life.”